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Patents and Technology Disclosure

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  2. Y. Yang and K. Wang, “A Cubic Wireless Charging Container”, Patent Application Number: 10202400647V, 08/03/2024.

  3. S. Y. R. Hui and Y. Yang, “An Augmented Passive Circuit for Soft-Switching of Power Inverter under Phase-Shift Modulation Control”, Publication Number: WO2023/219558 A1, 16/11/2023.

  4. 杨鋆, 吴会欢, “无线充电容器”, Publication Number: CN116780792A, 19/09/2023.

  5. 杨鋆, 陈秀聪, 许树源, “一种无线功率传输系统”, Publication Number: CN115706450A, 17/02/2023.

  6. S. Y. R. Hui and Y. Yang, “A Wireless Battery Charging System and Method for Battery Charging and Handshaking”, Publication Number: US20220368160, 17/11/2022.

  7. S. Y. R. Hui and Y. Yang, “Battery Charging System and Method Using Dynamically Adjusted Voltage Threshold for Switching Charging Modes”, Publication Number: US20220224140, 14/07/2022.

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